Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mexican Chorizo with my Favourite Tequila- Siempre

A worthy sausage to demonstrate at the sausage making class.  We made it into coils (a la boerowors), into sausages and into patties.  Chorizo is also versatile- eat it in a bun, crumble it into tacos, eggs, wrap puff pastry around it- oh the things you can serve!

Val and I made pork chorizo then experimented with poultry chorizo.  Both varieties well seasoned and "doused" with my favourite tequila.  Delicious.

This recipe makes 10lbs of sausage.

Delicious Mexican chorizo with my favourite tequila.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Boerewors- for your summer braai!

I love a challenge so when Valeriah described South Africa's national sausage, the boerewors, I was hooked.  This beautiful coil of well seasoned meat is perfect for backyard barbecues or braais, as they are called in her home country.

On the menu for the sausage making class were two very different, delicious sausages: the boerewors and the Mexican chorizo.  We made two variations of each and they were all delicious.  The boerewors are traditionally made into coils and we made a few patties (a la hamburger) as well.

Thank you to Hank Shaw whose website Honest-food.net provided much inspiration.

This recipe makes 15 lbs of sausage - about 10 coils and many patties.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Italian Wedding Soup- a happy marriage of great ingredients

This soup is a happy marriage of great ingredients: meatballs, noodles, green and eggs.  You get to choose which of these ingredients to invite!

If I am freezing my soup, I use noodles; if I am serving right away, I use eggs- poured in to form beautiful ribbons in the soup...

Well worth the effort, it is a crowd pleaser.

This recipe will serve four to six.