Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Italian Wedding Soup- a happy marriage of great ingredients

This soup is a happy marriage of great ingredients: meatballs, noodles, green and eggs.  You get to choose which of these ingredients to invite!

If I am freezing my soup, I use noodles; if I am serving right away, I use eggs- poured in to form beautiful ribbons in the soup...

Well worth the effort, it is a crowd pleaser.

This recipe will serve four to six.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hot pepper slices- fermented and deliciously hot!

More deliciousness from Batch.  I set aside a selection of hot peppers from making the hot sauce to make a jar of sliced peppers.  They will be great to add to chilli, top nachos, or add to burgers.

This recipe will fill a 500 ml jar.

A Hot Sauce with a Few Twists- it's wood fermented

Thanks to the folks at Batch for the idea of tucking in a few wood chips to add another layer of flavour to this fermented hot sauce.  An easy sauce to make, it delivers quite a flavour punch!

Summer is the best time to find a great assortment of colourful, hot peppers.  You can arrange the peppers in your crock or a large jar and set aside in a corner of the kitchen while you work on other preserving projects.  Just remember to check on the "brew" every few days.

This recipe makes 2 litres of pure hot sauce or 4 litres diluted with vinegar.